Battle of Algiers

Battle of Algiers is referred to the battle symbol of 50-60s war, starting migratory flux from Algeria to France. Currently about 200,000 Algerians live in Marseille, a city in which we can see a certain melancholy towards the land of origin, and a certain pride for their presence on territory, now at 2nd and 3rd generation. Inhabitants of Marseilles also for decades, people of Maghreb have always been considered as passing, a statement that has led to a greater estrangement and claim for traditional values, as an ongoing winning of that battle. During « El Khouara » engagement celebration, a very young couple, guests and relatives show that there’s nothing warmer and joyful than celebration of traditions from their homeland. A young woman, very elegant in her gold and pearls dress, her hands decorated with henna, makes her entrance under the applause and ululations. Bride’s mother is surrounded by relatives. Her 19-years-old daughter will leave the family house less than a year after. Meanwhile, she will receive gifts -« shoura »- all along the engagement period until the wedding day. This moment is emotional, both sad and joyful because it marks the end of childhood. Future Bride and Groom cross the crowd of women in sequined dresses and men in suits, joining a huge golden sofa sat on a platform. In this uptown neighborhood near Marseille, the celebration begins.


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